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Barker landscaping is a professionally trained, full-service landscaping company that is always dedicated to quality and creativity. Our team is pleased to provide high quality services to both commercial and residential customers in the area. We serve Easley, Greenville, Sullivan’s Island, Berkeley County, Georgetown County, and beyond!

To take a look at our recent work in the area or see some of our client references, visit our services and work page. We can be reached via phone or email!

Home Improvement Services in Greenville, SC

Our family of landscape professionals have more than 100 years of combined experience. We use and repair innovative materials and techniques to craft functional outdoor living spaces. We specialize in tree services, such as pruning, stump grinding, and maple tree removal in Easley, the surrounding area, and anywhere else in South Carolina. We’re proud of our industry-leading standards, including tree service cost, workmanship, and selection of only the highest-quality plants and landscaping materials.

When you work with Barker, you can be confident in receiving a professional, meticulous service in every visit. Our expertise in landscaping in Easley and Greenville, as well as Easley pruning and trees in Sullivan’s Island, Greenville pruning and shrubs, Columbia landscaping, Lancaster landscape design, and anywhere else in South Carolina, has enabled us to stay in the forefront of the industry.

At Barker, we recognize the important role you play in your home’s value and overall appearance. When it comes to improving your property’s curb appeal and enhancing its overall beauty, we’ve got you covered. We carry a wide array of hardscape materials that allow you to transform your space. We’ll provide you with a detailed, well-planned, and thoughtfully designed layout so that you can make the most of the time and money you invest. Our specialty services include Easley stone, Easley pavers, Georgetown pavers, and more.

Our family of landscape professionals specialize in adding a finished touch to your home or business that makes you want to invite friends over for a party or a business meeting. Whether you’re looking to update the look of your home or garden with outdoor landscaping or looking to create a functional oasis in your yard, we can be a great asset to you.

Specializing in Creative Landscaping

In addition to providing outdoor landscaping solutions for residential properties, we also cater to large commercial clients in Easley, Greenville, and other areas. We have years of experience helping businesses in Easley, South Carolina, find creative and effective solutions to their outdoor living needs. Our expansive selection of plants, mulch, soil, and stone means that we can help you create an exquisite outdoor environment that complements the look and feel of your property.

Our team is proud to serve clients in Greenville, S.C., Columbia, South Carolina, Berkeley County, and throughout the entire state.

Why You Should Hire Barker Landscaping

When it comes to residential landscaping in Easley, Greenville, and the surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, top-of-the-line materials, and incredible customer service. Our dedicated professionals have over 100 years of combined experience and carry a special set of tools and equipment that allow them to achieve excellence in their work.

Additionally, we believe that our work speaks for itself. Barker Landscaping works with homeowners and businesses alike to provide them with top-notch service. When it comes to helping you create a beautiful landscape, we are dedicated to helping you enjoy the work of your choosing and using our expertise and skills to exceed your expectations.

Read on to learn more about our expertise in commercial landscaping, Easley pruning, tree services, and more.

Commercial Landscaping in Greenville, SC

The professionals at Barker offer a full range of commercial landscaping services to Greenville, Columbia, and the surrounding areas. Our work ranges from commercial tree removal to maintenance landscaping services. Whether you need a maintenance landscaper to take care of a large property or just need a company to prune your trees for the summer, Barker can help. We offer services in Easley, Greenville, and the surrounding areas.

Commercial Tree

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