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Fruit tree bands issue

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Guest jackcummings

Guest jackcummings


I have been experimenting with various jack tensioners for about three months, and have been improving them ever since. This is the first iteration I want to share, for my trusty index of my "must have" tensioners. I have tried them on red and yellow Honey apples (and very good with them they are), on clementines, I have left them on only so I can play them when I want.

This tensioner seems to be the best I have tried so far, so you may like to use them too.

If you have used a tensioner like this before, give me feedback. I want to improve it. You may tell me it is to difficult, that you think I could do better, or you may find some potential pitfalls I am not aware of.

I need to work on the slider. I want to add some kind of rewind mechanism so that, if the fruit band becomes slack, it will automatically rewind and grip the fruit tightly again.

I have read here and there that I need to place the slider below the eye of the tensioner. I have done that, and it works.

I have also read that I need to be very careful to apply the tightening pressure on the tensioner top surface, and not to the screw side. This is difficult for me to understand, but I would like to have a clear image of this, as it may make a difference.

And of course I need to tighten the screw at the beginning, and not when it is tight. I do not understand this either.

I have read that the longer the fruit, the harder it is to wind. For this I have to adjust the screw hole.

I have read that fruit band wood is softer than the corresponding surface of the tensioner head. I have not tried it yet.

I have read here and there about pins, teeth, etc. The biggest one I want to have are in the middle. My initial idea was to have four of them, but two would be enough.

I also want to have a more rigid ring around the slider, with the catchpoints outside the slider hole.

The eyes look strange. They look rather similar to the ears of an A.W.A. or B.W.A. from heidigger years ago, not sure. They look like they could be a contrivance for children to play with a little.

There is no rim, or a rim piece. The ring is kept together with a plastic ring. Maybe I should have made the ring out of resin?

I made the eyes out of clear epoxy resin. I made them by hammering the head out of a piece of wood, and filling the holes with epoxy resin to harden it, then putting two binder clips to hold the two eyes together. I heated up the board, when I have one eye set, I placed it to the other eye and heat it and clamp it down, and it looks perfect.

(sorry, I didn't take pictures yet)

Next thing is to come up with an ideal ring of hard plastic to make the rings stiffer and harder to break.

My idea is that the slider is the cover part, and the ring is the lower part.

Ideas? Suggestions? I know this is a sensitive matter, so I thank you for your participation.

I read a lot of posts about apple skin, but so far the only thing I have found, is that the pomelos (seedless apple) have very thin skin. That's why it is said that they have to wind tighter than normal apples. So the theory seems to be that the thinner the skin, the tighter you can wind.

So far, so good. But what about clementines? I haven't tried a clementine yet, but I think the skin is not as thin as that of a pomelo. But the clementine is not very popular, and I have no idea if a clementine has thinner skin than a pomelo.

Yes, this is possible, and probably best done by the time the fruit has totally matured. The tensioner would be fairly complicated to remove from a clementine. That's probably why the question was asked here, not to be answered, perhaps? If someone does have a clementine tensioner, could you please tell me what the configuration is like? Is the slider opening in the middle or on the side of the head? How is the ring made? Do you need to tighten the screw only after removing it completely? Is the ring permanently attached? Could you please send me a picture or even a link to a picture?

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Guest jackcummings

Guest jackcummings

My solution was to use this as a photo and practice them.

It seems it may take some time to have the idea to make the ring part. So I decided to practice the last tensioner first.

I have not use this tensioner for long yet. I have practiced it on clementines of different size, I have put the slider on some very thin, round, thin apples.

I think the tensioner will work very well on clementines and on apples with a thin skin (pomelos). My

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