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Orders received before midday are dispatched same day. Typical UK delivery time is working days. Eco-Life contains everything a plant needs from seed to harvest, fully loaded with the basic nutrition required for full term growth, with minimal additional inputs required. No deficiencies, no lockouts, no burn

  • Four Eco-Friendly Fixes for Indoor Air
  • 8 Ways to Make Your Houseplant Obsession More Eco-Friendly
  • Meet the world's most sustainable plant pot
  • Online Stores That Deliver Eco-Friendly Houseplants to Your Door
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  • 10 of the best eco-friendly plant pots
  • Green Home Decor that Cleans the Air, Top Eco Friendly House Plants
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Four Eco-Friendly Fixes for Indoor Air

I have been getting loads of questions about the sustainability of houseplants recently. Here is a quick run down on the environmental impact of houseplants, and how to shrink it as much as you can. However, all you need do is look at a map to see that Holland is as close, if not closer, to many of us here in Britain than other parts of the UK. Secondly, these plants are transported here by road and ferry, which produces not only a fraction of the carbon emissions per mile of flying, but significantly less than smaller scale deliveries would generate from UK nurseries.

If you are driving to your garden centre to buy houseplants, the emissions from your car will almost certainly be greater than the emissions generated in getting it from grower to garden centre.

In fact, it is fair to say that in the production chain of houseplants, transport is one of the lowest sources of carbon emissions wherever you chose to source them from.

What is the highest? According to most studies, the heating used to keep enormous glasshouses at the correct temperature. Yet due to economies of scale, these state-of-the-art glasshouses are perhaps counterintuitively more fuel efficient than smaller scale ones. Some growers are even seeking to lower their footprint further by outsourcing production to warmer places, such as the Canary Islands, to propagate plants outdoors without the need for heated glass.

Transported to Europe by ship, this turns out to be a much greener option. Calculating sustainability can often yield some surprising results! While there is obviously far more work that can be done, it is important to appreciate this in the wider context. Even if you have a plant collection as massive as mine more than and counting , that is nowhere near as many plants as one might have in an outdoor garden. Nowhere near as much compost, fertiliser, water, tools or car trips either.

As indoor gardening involves a tiny fraction of all these inputs, relatively it really has a small carbon footprint. So what can we do to reduce it further? First, propagate plants yourself from seed or cuttings. As consumers, use your buying power to help push for vital change. The grower philosophy here, that a short lifespan will encourage repeat purchases, is one that results in a great deal of waste and puts off newbies who blame themselves and feel disheartened.

Finally, remember that while everything we do has an environmental impact, a houseplant hobby is unlikely to be one of the biggest drivers. But there are always simple ways to shrink it further. Follow James on Twitter Botanygeek. Are your houseplants environmentally friendly?

Living shelf: despite their relatively low carbon footprint, there are still ways to make houseplants more sustainable. Topics Gardening advice James Wong on gardens Gardens features. Reuse this content.

8 Ways to Make Your Houseplant Obsession More Eco-Friendly

Bringing the outside in is big business. On Instagram, plantsofinstagram boasts over nine million beautiful images of how this booming industry has entered our lives in all its green splendor. Having something to care for is a great stress reliever, and houseplants reduce tension and promote wellbeing. But are there pitfalls to this plant revolution?

Below, we share the best indoor plants to green your home and clear your air. Green Mist: Eucalyptus in The Shower. Hanging a bundle of the.

Meet the world's most sustainable plant pot

B reathing is given remarkably little air time. But a comprehensive report on outdoor air quality worldwide emerged from the World Health Organisation recently, linking 3 million deaths a year to air pollution. Symptoms include dizziness, asthma and allergies. He particularly wants them installed in nail salons, where you can smell the VOCs in the air. This is not the first research into the purifying powers of the humble house plant. To get strong results according to the Nasa research, you need to focus on the soil, and possibly use a charcoal filter, too. But plants do help, especially if we keep them for a long time. Research tells us that older plants in the same soil become more efficient at processing specific pollutants — so hang on to them. Remembrance Day for Lost Species on 30 November is a chance to mourn extinct and disappearing species, and to avow your commitment to preserving those that remain. Originated by a Sussex theatre group, the day is now driven by artists, scientists and curators and often takes the form of elegiac memorials such as this one to passenger pigeons on a Welsh beach by Emily Laurens.

Online Stores That Deliver Eco-Friendly Houseplants to Your Door

Have you heard about indoor pollution? According to the World Health Organisation, 3. Indoor air pollutants include mould, building materials, home products, volatile organic compounds VOCs and naturally occurring gases like radon. They identified air-purifying plants that are highly effective at cleaning the air from pollutants.

Going green to save the environment is on everyone's mind.

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With growing pollution and carbon dioxide content in atmosphere, and depleting green cover, indoor gardens are slowly becoming a necessity for good health in many cities. However, such gardens are hard to manage due to the hassles involved; may it be managing the soil, ensuring proper nutrients and sunlight to the plants, or watering them. To address this problem scientifically, Eco Works, a Bangalore based biotech startup, has come up with an odorless super absorbent cross linked polymer gel, which works like a good looking sponge and can retain water and provide essential nutrients for plants. Eco Wonder Gel is an innovative product to help promote indoor greenery in urban areas, while looking visually attractive. The gel makes gardening hassle free, and helps to expand the footprint of gardening into the domain of interior designing. The story is the same in most cities.

10 of the best eco-friendly plant pots

April 3, Blog. Florida homeowners may assume that the great outdoors is to blame for their seasonal allergies. And while outdoor plants certainly play a role, the truth is that indoor allergens contribute to a wide range of health conditions, including colds, asthma attacks, and respiratory issues. Here are 4 eco-friendly ways that the Orlando air conditioner pros Del-Air recommends for improving air quality: Decorate with Plants. Looking for an affordable and eco-friendly way to boost indoor air quality?

Our round up of eco alternatives to plastic plant pots collection we've got a selection of some of the best indoor plant pots, too.

Green Home Decor that Cleans the Air, Top Eco Friendly House Plants

Plants offer numerous benefits for our wellbeing, the most notable of which are that they literally clean the air around them, a must for urban dwellers in busy, polluted cities. For many of us who have to cope with the hustle and bustle of city life, it is especially important that our homes are a space for mental relaxation and recuperation. From improving the quality of your air to boosting energy and focus, investing in potted plants is becoming more popular than ever. Some studies have even found that indoor plants provide physical recovery-boosting qualities , can decrease the chances of getting ill and lower anxiety and stress levels.

If your apartment is filled with plants, you already know about the multiple benefits these wonderful things bring. Also known as chrysanthemum morifolium , this is one of the plants requiring very low maintenance. This makes it quite popular and the price tag also helps a lot. Many people think all plants should sit on the sill, however, keeping a Garden Mum on the sill during hotter days can lead to its death.

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Plants are a common sight in the office environment nowadays. Its rising popularity could be due to a number factors:. However, plants being living organisms need sustenance, and fetching them from their natural environment and into your workspace adds extra pressure on you — the pressure to keep them alive. This means you will need a working watering schedule as well as other maintenance activities to ensure that plants live as long as it naturally should, which, if combined with your office schedule might prove to be rather challenging. To find plants that fit into your tiny cubicle where the only source of light is a fluorescent bulb that dangles above your head is the goal.

Using eco-friendly, green products compared to standard products inside your home means there are less toxic chemicals which cause Indoor Air Pollution. Indoor air pollution is dust, dirt or gases in the air inside that harm us when inhaled. It can be caused by many things — one of which being the harsh chemicals in ordinary cleaning products.

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