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Landscape design apps are tools that help homeowners and professional landscapers plan outdoor spaces. Some include advanced features like AR visualization. And others simply help you place plants and create garden layouts. This post is a definitive guide to landscape design software for companies and designers. A landscape design app is a type of software that helps landscapers, designers, and homeowners visualize new landscape layouts.

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Working Hardscape into Your Landscape Design

Make the outdoors an extension of your home with smart hardscaping solutions. We share our top tips for transforming your front or backyard into a go-to destination. An outdoor getaway is the perfect place to flex your creativity.

Think of a place that inspires you — whether it's a luxury resort you've visited or even a photo you saw online.

Decide which elements you like best and incorporate those into your design. Pulling inspiration from Balinese style, this home opens up to a covered lounge area with stone pillars and Peruvian travertine flooring. The contemporary pool stretches out to an additional gazebo and outdoor living space. Look no further than your home's architecture for hardscaping inspiration.

This paver driveway is a mix of soft tan and brown hues that blend seamlessly with the southwestern style of the home. Easy-to-maintain landscaping full of cacti and low-water plants is just right for the dry climate while also creating ultimate desert curb appeal. When designing outdoor spaces, know where the sunrise and sunset will happen, as well as the historic prevailing breeze.

Create structures that maximize the best parts of your outdoor elements. The corrugated metal roof of this covered lounge area provides protection from the afternoon sun, while large cutouts allow for cool breezes to pass through. Take advantage of the surrounding environment you already have. This patio and pergola completely blend into the towering trees and colorful plantings.

Concrete and rustic wood stepping pads jump right off the natural stone boulders to lead out to a floating deck above the pond. Hello cool blues and whites. This contemporary backyard retreat highlights the blue of the pool perfectly, we might add through well-placed accessories.

Stripes of grass soften the white stone patio and keep upkeep to a minimum. Multiple cozy seating areas are spread throughout the outdoor space so one can sit poolside, warm up by the fire or head under the pavilion to get out of the sun. Gorgeous stonework defines every aspect of this home's outdoor space. Clean-lined stones mark the perimeter of the swimming pool, as well as the in-ground fire pit, where a bed of pebbles add dimension and texture.

The repetition of stacked stone on the home's exterior, the porch and the cascading waterfall ties the entire space together. Making full use of the hanging wisteria, this massive structure, which houses a welcoming outdoor living space, has an almost hidden storybook-like atmosphere. Classic brick columns with rustic stone bases surround the pavilion, creating an Old-World vibe. You might think it'd be hard to pull your eyes away from the gorgeous mountain views in the distance, but with a playful and stunning outdoor design like this, there might be a little competition.

From the covered living and dining areas to the spa and pool complete with water slide, there isn't a kid or adult who wouldn't be ready to have some fun. A fireplace takes an outdoor living space from typical to luxurious. It's the perfect gathering spot for adults and kids, whether they're cozying up on a cool evening or roasting marshmallows. The same rustic stacked stone of the home's exterior finds its way to a deluxe and multipurpose fireplace. Under the hearth is built-in storage for firewood and a flat-screen TV above lets you to enjoy the outdoors while watching the big game or House Hunters International.

Clever flower beds allow for lush greenery to break up the uniformity of concrete, and defined areas — a living space around the fireplace and a streamlined dining spot — enable homeowners and guests to completely embrace the outdoors.

A custom-designed stone bridge allows the homeowners the ability to enjoy every aspect of their wetland-inspired pond. Masonry walls mix with natural boulders to create awe-inspiring waterfalls. The entire outdoor space is surrounded by native Colorado plantings to add softness and richness to the hardscaping. A combination of different stonework gives this outdoor space a customized and visually interesting look.

The dining area features etched-finish pavers set in a grid with a pebble border separating it from the tinted concrete, while the living area has shell-inlaid concrete pavers surrounded by decomposed granite.

Consider your home's style when selecting exterior materials; for instance, this loosely defined flagstone patio adds to the rustic cottage look of the house. Brick is a great option for traditional homes, while granite lends itself to a more contemporary vibe. Backyards are a place for adults and kids to relax, enjoy the outdoors and most importantly, play. In addition to your patio, outdoor kitchen or pool, incorporate a favorite hobby into your plan. Whether it's a putting green, climbing wall or play structure, think of a way to personalize the space for your family's enjoyment.

Mark the perimeter of your yard or separate different areas of your property with smart hardscaping. These low-level stacked stone walls reflect the house's architecture, define the estate and still permit for amazing views of the landscaping and home beyond.

Just like your interiors, if you're a lover of antiques and pieces with a story, look for hardscape materials along the same vein. Reclaimed from China, these century-old stone pavers top the benches and walls and are used as floating steps across the koi pond. They completely infuse the space with historic appeal. Select materials that will stand the test of time and plants that will thrive in your surroundings. No one wants an aspect of their design that is a battle to maintain.

These natural boulders will weather the elements while creating a striking border around the flower beds, as well as establishing the six-foot-wide tumbling waterfall. Even simple hardscaping is transformative when encircled by lush natural surroundings.

This easy-to-install concrete walkway leads the homeowner and guests through a colorful environment of budding trees and flowers. Mixing a variety of plant and tree heights creates eye-catching dimension and interest.

For this courtyard, smart hardscaping is used to preserve historic landscaping. The courtyard was renovated to lessen water usage so the native oak tree could remain a showstopping centerpiece of the home. Simple square pavers are laid in a grid pattern over pea gravel for a cool geometric design that still feels right at home in this Mediterranean-inspired space. Vary materials to add visual interest.

This Arizona home's exterior already meets the quintessential southwestern standards with stucco walls and terracotta roof tiles. To complement the look, the outdoor space is grounded in sandy bricks and pavers, while blue tiles around the pool and Mexican tiles bordering the patio add life and color to the desert landscape. Blue tile insets take a simple concrete patio to the next level and highlight the watery blue of the pool.

Mosaic tiles used around the perimeter of the pool and on the stairs are repeated behind the water feature to add an iridescent gleam to the concrete facade.

Tiered garden beds full of drought-resistant plants add life and softness to the space. Simple and classic materials — brick and concrete — combine for an awe-inspiring hardscape in this backyard. Concrete is used throughout the space to create even patios and pathways, while bricks define each line for traditional style and warm color.

Additionally, the brick wall off the pergola has a built-in fire pit designed so you can enjoy its warmth while taking in spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Nothing distracts from the breathtaking views at this desert escape. The negative edge lap pool seamlessly flows into the stained concrete patio.

Taking its cue from modern style, this outdoor space embraces crisp, square lines. Even the fire pit doesn't interrupt the continuous streamlined look. Crossing over water is an enjoyable experience no matter how old you are. Even at the chicest event, the floating paver walkway will have you feeling like your hopping from lily pad to lily pad across the most elegant of ponds. This luxurious space shows that water needn't be a hindrance to amazing hardscaping with palm trees planted firmly in the middle of the pool and the clean-lined yet out-of-the-box layout.

With a simple stone pathway leading to it, this stunning wooden pavilion is as unexpected a destination set in the trees as it is in its design.

Rather than sticking to the simple rectangular layout of the concrete patio, the pavilion roof comes to an impressive point that's one of a kind. Underneath, a seating area gets cozy in front of the fireplace and the industrial-style table and chairs allow for ideal dining al fresco. The bird's eye view of this opulent outdoor getaway showcases how each level of this design is a new experience with different pathways, stairs and even floating steps across the pool.

Creating a vision of how you will walk through your outdoor space helps determine the right hardscaping and landscaping design. Custom pieces take your outdoor space to the next level. This naturally inspired waterfall is an impressive focal piece for the luxurious swimming pool. Complete with fire features and LED lights that change the color of the water, the waterfall's cascades bring a beautiful ambient sound to the backyard.

Not only do this patio's low walls act as defining borders, but they also double as extra bench seating and firewood storage spots. Flagstone is placed closer together nearer the fireplace to create an even setting for the patio furniture and is then spaced out with grass planted in between as it blends into the surrounding lawn. This on-the-harbor modern home takes full advantage of its outdoor spaces, from the roof to the water.

The stained concrete patio that extends out from the main living room is the real showstopper though, housing a dining spot and outdoor kitchen. Clear railing provides an unobstructed view of the harbor.

Even simple hardscaping can make a stunning impact. Large concrete pavers are separated by smooth pebbles that add interest and texture. The covered porch mixes cedar planks with corrugated metal siding to create a welcoming farmhouse entry. A low stacked stone wall borders this provincial property, adding a from-the-Old-World aesthetic. The barn-like structure, which pairs reclaimed wood and a tin roof, is actually a cozy guest house. The bronze sculpture of interlocking circles brings a decidedly modern note to outdoor space.

Though modern in style, this home still blends flawlessly with the surrounding nature. The raised wooden porch wraps around the home and continues under hanging trees, creating a one-with-the-environment effect. This hill is designed to mimic the look of the Tuscan countryside. Oversized stacked stones and sweeping grasses and plants surround the welcoming outdoor dining space. Overhead, a custom-built pergola provides shade and style.

An Old-World-inspired breezeway creates a seamless and covered! Rustic columns line the blue flagstone, which is the same stone used for the back patio overlooking the lake to create continuity throughout the home's design.

Around the front of this lakeside house, the hardscaping has the look and feel as if it has always been there.

Hard Landscaping Design

Hardscape makes a great addition to any home. Hardscape adds a unique design element and provides a place for friends and family to gather. Hardscape materials include natural stone, pavers, and stacked stone, plus a variety of other options our experts can tell you about. At Absolute Landscape, we love providing our customers with unique options to add to their landscape. Below are five types of hardscape to consider this season!

With over 25 years experience in landscape design our team utilize industry to design modern and sustainable landscapes both residential and commercial.

Landscape design

We are lucky to live in a climate that offers warm, sunny weather much of the year. Enjoy this by creating gorgeous, livable outdoor space like a hardscape in your backyard! Whether having a BBQ around your marble-topped counters inside your hardscape, hanging on the deck, or swimming in your pool, outdoor living is a necessity in Southern California. These hardscape features can be included in any landscape construction plans to bring your family life outside. That is why so many property owners add hardscape and feature elements such as pools, decks, and outdoor kitchens to their landscaping plans! It enhances the softscaping, the living elements of the backyard design, as well. After an intense process of finding the right Design Build company we choose Eco Minded Solutions for a large home remodel project for our Carlsbad home. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, everything ran smoothly.

Augusta's #1 Landscape Design and Architecture Company

Then, based on your wants and needs for the space, we go to work designing the landscape that fits your property, budget, preferences and aesthetic needs. We believe in combining nature and culture. Landscape design bridges the space between landscape architecture and garden design. Next, we email you pictures of the design for your approval until we get it perfect. The last step once design is approved, we email you the quote.

For more than 20 years, Landvision Designs has been delivering exceptional creativity and quality in custom landscape design, landscape installation, and seasonal maintenance in the Raleigh, NC area. As a fully-licensed general contractor and a licensed landscape contractor, Landvision Designs is your source for all of your landscaping and outdoor living space design and construction needs.

Landscape Design

The landscape architects at Poynter specialize in the design of beautiful and functional spaces that often include hardscape elements. The right design will make a world of difference in a properties look, appeal, function and thusly, its value. Hardscape can highlight a properties beauty or create features where there were none. Choosing when to add a large fire place as a feature or a simple fire pit that blends with a view is what good design is all about. Creating functional, long lasting, and simply beautiful hardscape features is the tradition Poynter Landscape Architecture has established since and works diligently to carry on. Choosing when to use each element of hardscape can become the art of creating a cohesive and functional space.

Welcome to ELD

Landscape Gardens has over thirty years of experience designing and building beautiful, high quality hardscapes in Southeast Michigan. We can create walls, patios, decks, driveways, and walkways in a variety of materials, including pavers, granite, brick, natural stone, slate, concrete, and asphalt. We work with you throughout the design process to choose the right material that will give your outdoor setting the distinct feel that you desire. We will then handle all aspects of your hardscape installation, ensuring the highest standard of quality. Landscape Gardens will work with you to discuss hardscape design concepts and address design considerations for your unique needs. Open spaces, circulation, privacy, security, and drainage will all come together to create an outdoor environment that is exclusively yours.

Lighting design. Fertilization. Landscaping. Hardscape design. Whatever your lawn maintenance needs are, we are happy to provide them. Landscape &.

Knowledge centre

Make the outdoors an extension of your home with smart hardscaping solutions. We share our top tips for transforming your front or backyard into a go-to destination. An outdoor getaway is the perfect place to flex your creativity. Think of a place that inspires you — whether it's a luxury resort you've visited or even a photo you saw online.

Hardscape & Landscape Design In Rochester

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Dalzell Design Landscaping has the vision, technology, and highly skilled landscape architects and landscape professionals to make that happen. Whatever your dream for your property, we can design a landscape that turns it to reality. Dalzell Design Landscaping offers a wide variety of services that not only deliver stunningly beautiful results, but also increase the value of any property. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at or reach out through the contact form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Hardscape design can actually prove to be much more complex than many people first realize. As a property owner, you might have a rough idea of the look you want to create, but there are many important considerations to be made before the actual installation of any hardscaping.

What is Hardscape Design?

Our team of professionals have been delivering exceptional results for more than 25 years, and our constant flow of new and repeat clients stands as a testament to our ability. RJM Landscaping designers work closely with our clients throughout Western Mass to Boston from the initial consultation to the final walk-through of the finished project. We can create a plan that meets every detail, budget, and expectation. RJM Landscaping offers a wide range of landscape construction services to enhance the beauty of your surroundings. Whether residential or commercial, extensive design and hardscaping elements of natural stone work, retaining walls, and concrete paver driveways and walkways can be implemented into your custom design.

What Is Hardscape and Softscape?

We provide award-winning pool, spa, landscape design, and construction services. Creative Environments is a highly regarded landscape design company in Phoenix, Arizona creating innovative swimming pools, kitchens, fire and water features, patio covers, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. We specialize in custom outdoor spaces that include but are not limited to residential yards, hotels, shopping plazas, commercial projects, and golf courses in the valley as well as outside Arizona! Creative Environments is proud to extend our limited warranty to the original purchaser of all Creative Environments installation of hardscape, irrigation, and plants.

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